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Reuters quotes BullionStar in two market reports on 22 February 2019

  • Date 23 Feb 2019

BullionStar was quoted in two Reuters Markets News articles on Friday 22 February about the gold price and gold's price action.
The first Reuters dispatch, titled "Gold prices rise on subdued dollar; Fed stance limits gains" quoted BullionStar's precious metals analyst Ronan Manly, commenting on the fundamentals and technicals of the US dollar denominated spot gold price:

“The dollar’s trajectory and soundings from the Fed will obviously play on gold prices, but the metal’s focus is now more on key levels than key events,” said Ronan Manly, a precious metals analyst at BullionStar Singapore.

“The main target is still the technically important area between $1,350 and $1,360 above which would be a one year high.”

This Reuters article appeared in the precious metals pages of Reuters global site here, as well as on financial news site CNBC here, the Nasdaq market site here, and on India's Business Standard site here.

The second Reuters article, published on the same day and titled "Gold heads for second weekly gain on growth concerns", reiterated BullionStar's Manly commenting on the important one year price high for USD gold at the 1350-60 range:

“The main target (for gold) is still the technically important area between $1,350 and $1,360 above which would be a one-year high,” said Ronan Manly, a precious metals analyst at BullionStar Singapore.

This article appeared on the Reuters global site here, and also on CNBC and Nasdaq in the US, This is Money in the UK here, South Africa's national daily newspaper Business Day here, and Investing.com in Australia here.

The quotes used by Reuters were from a longer set of comments about gold's price action during the week 18-22 February, and can be read below: 

"While there have been some fundamentals such as a relatively weaker dollar and the Fed's changing stance on interest rates that have encouraged this bull move in gold, gold's 10 month peak is being driven by classic momentum and a willingness of the market to test resistance levels. Spot gold has covered a lot of ground this week, firmly taking out resistance at 1325, 1330 and 1340. This was primarily due to bullish momentum and a willingness of the market to test these resistance levels.

The dollar's trajectory and soundings from the Fed will obviously play on the gold price as they did yesterday, but gold's focus is now more on key levels than key events. You can talk about overbought and relative strength, but gold has a stronger feel now than it has had for a long time, and its aiming to resolve these important technical levels near 1 and 5 year highs. Which all suggests the bullish momentum will continue. 

So its all in momentum and a willingness to test the highs. Specifically, the main target is still the technically important area between 1350 and 1360, and then above 1360 which would be a one year high, so investors are watching out for this. Twenty dollars or so above 1360 level would put gold at a 5-year high and would bring in a lot of attention from the sidelines. New 1 and and 5 year highs could all happen fairly quickly, so near term gold price action will be intriguing to watch."

New RT.com article about Australia's gold at the Bank of England extensively quotes BullionStar

  • Date 18 Feb 2019

International news and television network, RT.com, has published an in-depth article focusing on the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) gold reserves and their supposed storage location at the Bank of England's gold vaults in London.

The RT article which appears on RT's English language new website at www.rt.com and is based on in-depth commentary which BullionStar precious metals analyst Ronan Manly provided to RT, questions the lack of publicly available proof that 80 tonnes of Australia's gold is held in London.

RT's analysis extensively quotes the BullionStar analyst extensively on such topics as the lack of a full and public audit of the Australian gold, the fact that the RBA has been engaging in gold lending in London for years, the fact that there is no proper weight list in the public domain of Australia's gold bars (with serial numbers), that that there is no valid reason for the Australian gold to be stored in London.

'"There have never been any independent physical audits of this gold, which means that there is no way to verify the RBA's claim that it has all the gold it claims to have,” Manly told RT.'

"The RBA could easily store the gold in Canberra, Sydney or Perth like the Bank of Russia's gold is held in Moscow and St Petersburg" says Manly.  

RT's article also explains why the Bank of England will "never provide central bank customers with proper weight lists of refiner serial numbers". This is because "the Bank of England wants total secrecy about gold lending and where the lent gold goes to".

The RT.com article, which was published on 18 February 2018, is titled "Hey UK! It's not just Venezuela, what happened to Australia's gold?", and can be read in full here.

BullionStar articles on gold markets and central banks consistently feature on ZeroHedge front page

  • Date 14 Feb 2019

A number of recent BullionStar articles have enjoyed high-profile coverage on the front page of the world's leading alternative financial and markets website ZeroHedge.com, garnering an aggregated readership of more than 260,000 readers.

These articles cover macro and geo-political developments in the world of central bank and sovereign gold and such topics of gold storage and gold confiscation, and gold ownership and gold accumulation among some of the world's leading central banks (e.g. Bank of England, Banque de France) and nations (e.g. Russia, China, Venezuela, Italy).

The articles, which number seven in total, were all originally published on the BullionStar website, and then picked up by ZeroHedge for its front page coverage. The articles as they appear on ZeroHedge and their dates are listed below:

Bank of England's refusal to return Venezuela's gold sets a worrying precedent,16th November here

French central bank and JP Morgan team up to juice Gold Lending, 11th December here

Venezuela’s Gold In Limbo Amid Tug-Of-War At The Bank Of England, 19th December here

Russian Central Bank Buying Gold On The International Market?, 26th December here

Separating Truth From Fiction In China’s Golden Game Of Poker, 17th January here

Store Your Gold At The Bank Of England And You Might Never See It Again, 2nd February here

Italy’s Gold Enters The Political Fray. But Who Really Owns It?, 13th February here

BullionStar quoted on RT.com Spanish language website in an article about renewed gold buying by China's PBoC

  • Date 14 Feb 2019

This week the Spanish language edition of the global RT.com network quoted BullionStar's precious metals analyst Ronan Manly in an article covering the recent renewed gold purchases by the People's Bank of China, the Chinese central bank.

After a two year hiatus on gold purchase announcements, the Chinese central bank recently began announcing that it had returned to buying gold in December last year and continued this buying into January. The quote on RT's https://actualidad.rt.com site in Spanish is as follows:

"Ronan Manly, especialista en metales preciosos de la compañía singapurense Bullion Star, afirmó que el aumento de la parte de oro en las reservas de China y Rusia podría no solo disminuir su dependencia de la divisa norteamericana, sino también hacer que abandonaran el dólar como moneda de cambio internacional."

This quote, translated into English, is as follows:

"Ronan Manly, a specialist in precious metals at the Singaporean company Bullion Star, said that the increase in the share of gold in the reserves of China and Russia could not only decrease their dependence on the US currency, but also cause them to abandon the dollar as an international currency."

The full RT article is in Spanish titled "China ncrementa sus Reservas de Oro Dos Meses Seguidos" or in English "China increases its Gold Reserves Two Months in a Row", and can be read in full here.

BullionStar quoted in Reuters end of week precious metal commentary

  • Date 14 Feb 2019

In it's end of week precious metals commentary wrapping up gold price movements and direction for Friday 8th February, the global markets news agency Reuters quoted BullionStar's precious metals analyst Ronan Manly about the key support level for the US dollar gold price and its underpinning safe haven demand. The Reuters quote was as follows:

"Macro concerns in the global economy continue to underpin gold’s safe haven status, and the buying interest just happens to be accumulating around the $1,300 level,” said Ronan Manly, precious metals analyst at Singapore-based dealer BullionStar."

The Reuters article, titled "Gold holds firm on trade, growth worries" can be read on the Reuters web site here, and was also syndicated and distriibuted across multiple high-profile financial news sites including Yahoo Finance here, Nasdaq here, India's Business Standard here, and Investing.com here.

BullionStar Customer Service Manager quoted in Reuters Commodities News

  • Date 01 Feb 2019

This week in the Asian gold market saw active two-way trading as the higher gold price spurred some gold holders to take profits, while the upcoming Lunar New Year saw higher gold demand on the back of buying for precious metals holiday gift giving.

As one of the top Asia-based gold dealers, BullionStar is in an ideal position to see trends in this market and is regularly consulted by the financial media. This week, the Reuters Commodities News review quotes BullionStar Customer Service Manager, See Hong Kang, as follows:

'“There was a huge influx of sell orders this week due to the higher prices with many looking to cash in profits accumulated on their metal holdings,” said See Hong Kang, Customer Service Manager at BullionStar Singapore.' 

BullionStar also saw strong buy activity for gold this week due to safe haven demand and in the run up to the Chinese New Year celebrations, and although Reuters did not quote this in it's article, Hong Kang's additional quotes were as follows:

"Interestingly though, other customers worried about the worsening macro situation, such as the Fed interest rate pause and Brexit concerns, were buying in larger quantities based on safe haven demand. We also saw increased demand for precious metals as gifts for the upcoming Chinese New Year." 

The Reuters article Commodities News article, which is titled "Asia Gold-Chinese demand jumps; Indian buyers hold off with eye on budget", was published on Friday 01 February, and can be read in full here.

Reuters gold market report quotes BullionStar on this week's Gold Price move

  • Date 31 Jan 2019

The US dollar gold price moved significantly higher this week, moving convincingly up through the $1300 level and briefly trading at over $1325 per troy ounce. This move caused a lot of interest in the financial media, with the market focusing on what will happen next with the gold price.

Reuters, the financial news agency, covered gold's latest move in its end of week 'Gold Market Report', where it called on BullionStar to add insight on how the technical picture of the latest gold price move might pan out. Reuters Gold Market Report quoted BullionStar as follows:

“From a technical perspective, support for gold is now at $1,310 and more strongly at the $1,300 level,” said Ronan Manly, precious metals analyst with BullionStar, adding that the metal was facing resistance at $1,325 per ounce.

The full Reuters article, published 01 February, and titled "Gold falls on U.S.-China trade optimism but set for second weekly gain", can be read on the Reuters website here, and also on the CNBC website here. CNBC is one of the world's leading business and financial news networks. 

BullionStar referenced across financial media channels from the US, UK and Australia

  • Date 18 Dec 2018

Over the weekend of 14-17 December, BullionStar was quoted in a number of the world's leading financial media channels about movements in the gold price and the impact of the US dollar on the international gold price. In an article about precious metals and foreign exchange markets published on US based CNBC.com, one of the world’s largest financial new networks, BullionStar’s precious metals analyst Ronan Manly was quoted as follows:

“'While gold extended its trading range to the $1,250 level (earlier this week), it has come off that level, and with the Fed rate hike next week, any gold price rise will be hampered by expected dollar strength,' said Ronan Manly, a precious metals analyst at Singapore-based dealer BullionStar."

The full CNBC article can be read here. Variations of the same article also appeared on global financial news portal Investing.com (link), international news bureau Reuters based in London (link), and Australia’s leading news network and internet portal Nine.com.au (link).

As one of the world's premier bullion dealers, BullionStar is well known across Asia and internationally and continues to extend its brand recognition globally.    

BullionStar quoted on Venezuela’s gold reserves by Univision, the leading Spanish language television network in the USA

  • Date 04 Dec 2018

In an article discussing current developments with Venezuela’s gold reserves published by the Univision News site, December 03, 2018, BullionStar analyst Ronan Manly is quoted on the reasons behind the Bank of England’s delay in actioning Venezuela’s gold repatriation request from London.

Univision quotes Manly as follows:‘“The more logical and likely explanation is that the US, through the White House, US Treasury and State Department have been liaising with the British Foreign office, HM Treasury to put pressure on the Bank of England to delay and push back on Venezuela’s gold withdrawal request," according to Ronan Manly, a precious metals analyst with BullionStar, a Singapore-based gold dealer.

The full Univision News article, which is titled “Don’t let Maduro ‘steal’ gold, opposition asks British bank” can be read in English at the following link.The Spanish language version of the article can be read here.   

Univision is the leading Spanish language television network across the United States encompassing a number of television channels and the Univision News website. Univision is also among the top five broadcast networks in the US alongside ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

BullionStar quoted in Reuters global precious metals markets coverage 30 November

  • Date 30 Nov 2018

In an article today discussing the global FX and precious metals markets and the G20 global trade meeting, financial and markets news agency Reuters quotes BullionStar's precious metals analyst Ronan Manly as follows on the market wide factors impacting the gold price:

'"The markets now have more clarity into issues such as the U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest rate thinking, the Italian budgetary drama, and the U.S.-China trade war,” said Ronan Manly, a precious metals analyst at Singapore-based dealer BullionStar. "As such, this clarity and visibility could cap any further gains for gold in the short term. So, a major move above the current range is not likely.”' 

Another part of Manly's quote which was not included by Reuters but which is important to provide context, dealt with the way in which the current US dollar denominated spot gold price is actually discovered. The extended quote is as follows:

"Bullion demand globally is still strong, driven by the East, but with the US dollar spot gold price established by trading in the London OTC gold market and on COMEX, two synthetic markets which have little to do with the physical gold market, the US dollar spot price as it stands will not reflect this physical demand."

The Reuters article is titled "Gold dips as dollar firms, palladium breaches $1,200/oz" and can be read here.  

Reuters News quotes BullionStar on the strength of gold bullion demand in Singapore

  • Date 09 Nov 2018

In an article published November 9th covering gold demand in the Asian region, Reuters quoted BullionStar precious metals analyst Ronan Manly about the position of physical gold demand in Singapore.

“Demand was strong this week in Singapore. Early in the week, there was noticeable buying activity for the Diwali festival,” said Ronan Manly, precious metals analyst at Singapore-based dealer BullionStar.

The full Reuters article titled "Asia Gold-Key festivals light up Indian demand" and published in the Commodities News section of the Reuters website can be read here

BullionStar quoted in two gold market commentaries published by Reuters

  • Date 19 Oct 2018

This week Reuters quoted BullionStar's views about the gold and financial markets in two separate articles published Friday 19 October by the global news agency.  

The first article, Reuters' weekly gold report, titled "Gold heads for 3rd straight weekly gain", quotes BullionStar precious metals analyst Ronan Manly on the market wide safe havens drivers that have been supporting gold's recent price rally. Manly said that "the geo-political and market-wide factors that were driving safe haven demand for gold such as Fed interest rate hike concerns, the Italian budgetary drama, the global oil price(rally) and the U.S.-China trade war, are still with us".

The article can be read in full on the Reuters website here and also on the Economic Times of India website here.  

In a second article published earlier the same day titled "Gold edges higher as stocks slide', which had a focus on Asian markets and the slide in Chinese stocks, Reuters picked up on a similar theme noting that "Asian shares fell on renewed political and economic concerns including China's weak growth, with the metal on track for a third straight weekly gain." This article quoted BullionStar's Manly, who said that "with Chinese equity markets continuing to drift lower, and lingering geopolitical risks such as Fed interest rate hikes, Italian budget concerns and the U.S.-China trade war, stock markets are still shaky and in no way have stabilised."

That article can be read on the CNBC website here and also on the NASDAQ website here. The same quote also appeared in a different article on the Investing.com website here.

Reuters notes safe-haven gold buying by BullionStar customers in wake of global market turmoil

  • Date 12 Oct 2018

In an article published 12th October about gold demand in Asia, Reuters notes that a component of physical gold demand this week in Singapore was driven by safe-haven buying. As Reuters commented "In Singapore, there was limited safe-haven buying, said Ronan Manly, precious metals analyst at Singapore-based dealer BullionStar."

The context of the quote is as follows. BullionStar saw substantial physical gold demand this week in Singapore. This included a noticeable spike in customer gold buying in the wake of the global market selloff that began Wednesday during US trading hours and continued into Thursday and Friday. That spike in gold demand was in part safe-haven related, and also partly driven by customers who anticipated that the gold price would rise given the wider market turmoil. The full article can be read here

Reuters quotes BullionStar comments in two Reuters articles on Friday 6th October

  • Date 07 Oct 2018

Reuters quoted Bullionstar's precious metals analyst Ronan Manly in two of its articles on Friday 6th October.

The first article, in Reuters 'Market News', titled "Precious-Gold little changed; U.S. non-farm payroll data awaited" focused on that day's upcoming US non-farm payrolls release and how it related to the gold price. Manly told Reuters:

Another U.S. benchmark interest rate expected before the end of this year is underpinning current U.S. dollar strength, which in turn is keeping the U.S. dollar gold price subdued,” said Ronan Manly, precious metals analyst at Singapore-based dealer BullionStar.

The second Reuters article, which is a weekly piece published in the 'Commodities News' section of the Reuters website, was titled "Asia Gold-India discounts widen; Bangladesh launches trade policy", and featured BullionStar's feedback about physical gold demand in Singapore during the preceding week. As Reuters highlighted: 

Somewhat surprisingly, the upward move in the U.S. dollar gold prices this week triggered some of our larger customers in Singapore to make purchases,” said Ronan Manly, precious metals analyst at Singapore-based dealer BullionStar. "This may signal a confidence by those customers that this week’s price recovery has legs and offers a good entry point at current levels."

As Singapore's premier bullion dealer, BullionStar is happy to share its views with Reuters, one of the world's leading financial markets and news agencies.

BullionStar CEO Torgny Persson quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about online precious metals purchasing

  • Date 22 Sep 2018

The Wall Street Journal, in an article published 20 September, quotes Torgny Persson, CEO of BullionStar. The article, titled, "Precious-Metals Buyers Go Online", discusses how tech-savvy precious-metal investors in the South East Asian region are going online for their bullion purchases.

“You no longer need to go to physical shops to buy,” says Torgny Persson, chief executive officer of Singapore-based gold dealer BullionStar. “You can control everything remotely. It is also safer. Everything can be handled online.”

BullionStar, which started its online platform in 2012, says it has seen annual sales rise to 174.7 million Singapore dollars (US$127 million) in 2017 from 44.1 million Singapore dollars in 2014. The company in May 2017 added a mobile platform that customers have rapidly adopted as well. Its most recent data, through August, show mobile purchases account for about one-third of its orders this year, says Mr. Persson.

“In the modern age, people like to have accessibility,” says Mr. Persson. “We are trying to bridge the gap through technology.”

The full article can be read on the Wall Street Journal's website here.

Reuters quotes BullionStar's Precious Metals Analyst, Ronan Manly, in an article about physical gold demand in Asia

  • Date 21 Sep 2018

A Reuters article today on physical gold demand in Asia quotes BullionStar's precious metals analyst Ronan Manly about bullion sales trends this week in Singapore.  

"When gold traded below $1,200 per ounce earlier this week, we saw a large volume of bullion sales... Interestingly, as spot prices rose, we saw an increased number of customers coming into our store to sell to us," Manly told Reuters. "Any dip below the $1,200 level could bring out value conscious buyers who have demonstrated a resilience to buy at these levels.”

This week BullionStar saw a large volume of bullion sales, with customers mainly buying high value 100 gram cast gold bars, brands such as Argor-Heraeus and PAMP Suisse. Gold bullion Maple Leaf coins were also in demand from customers who viewed the US$ 1200 level as a support level and an attractive entry point.

The Reuters article, which can be read at the following link, is titled "Asia Gold-India discount widest in three months; China activity nudges up".

RT.com publishes article Highlighting the Benefits of Buying Physical Gold

  • Date 29 Apr 2018

News website, RT.com, owned by Russian media network RT, has published an article focusing on the best ways to invest in gold.

The article extensively quotes BullionStar precious metals analyst Ronan Manly, and stresses the importance of investing in physical gold for wealth preservation as opposed to gold substitutes such as gold-backed ETFs. It also covers gold's role as a safe haven, store of value, and portfolio diversifier.

The RT.com article is titled "If you want to preserve your wealth, buy physical gold – precious metals expert to RT", and can be read here.

RT.com website publishes exclusive BullionStar commentary discussing central bank gold price suppression

  • Date 18 Mar 2018

The RT.com financial news website of Russian television network RT has published a comprehensive article about central bank manipulation of the gold price. This article was written by BullionStar precious metals analyst Ronan Manly, and is featured in its entirety within the RT.com article.

Many mainstream financial news outlets refuse to cover this important topic, so its notable that RT.com has devoted considerable resources to making sure that the topic of central bank gold price suppression gets attention in the world's media.

The RT.com article can be read here.

BullonStar wins Bullion Dealer of the Year in the 2018 Bullion Directory Awards

  • Date 13 Mar 2018

BullionStar has been voted Bullion Dealer of the Year 'Rest of World' category in Bullion Directory's 2018 awards. This is a significant accomplishment as this category covers bullion dealers across the world spanning 12 countries.

The full results can be seen on Bullion Directory's awards announcement page here

BullionStar's Precious Metals Analyst, Ronan Manly, extensively quoted about US Gold Reserves in RT.com website article.

  • Date 01 Jan 2018

Russian television network RT recently published an article about the US Government’s gold reserves on its website RT.com. This article has extensive input and quotations from BullionStar precious metals analyst Ronan Manly. The full article can be read here.

BullionStar's Precious Metals Analyst, Ronan Manly explains how an honest gold bullion market in Shanghai could put pressure on western gold markets to correct price distortion caused by the paper markets on VoiceAmerica

  • Date 27 Aug 2017

BullionStar's Precious Metals Analyst, Mr. Ronan Manly, was interviewed by Jay Taylor on VoiceAmerica, and discussed the fractionally backed gold markets and the comparison between implied gold price and money supply.

Listen to the full interview here.

BullionStar's Precious Metals Analyst, Ronan Manly, quoted in a Wall Street Journal article on the gold stored by the Federal Reserve

  • Date 10 Aug 2017

The Wall Street Journal has published an article titled "The Fed Has 6,200 Tons of Gold in a Manhattan Basement - Or Does It?"

BullionStar's Precious Metals Analyst, Ronan Manly, was prominently quoted in the article stating that "no one at all can be sure the gold is really there except Fed employees with access" and "If it is all there, the central bank has never in its history provided any proof." 

BullionStar's Precious Metals Analyst, Ronan Manly, featured on Real Vision TV and speaking on Bullion Banks, Gold ETFs and Physical Gold

  • Date 04 Aug 2017

Real Vision TV is the world's only video-on-demand channel for finance that features exclusive in-depth interviews and presentations from the world's best fund managers, independent analysts, geopolitical strategists and economists.

BullionStar's Precious Metals Analyst, Ronan Manly, was featured on RealVisionTV in July 2017, speaking on Bullion Banks, Gold ETFs and Physical Gold. Watch this exclusive presentation here.

BullionStar interviewed on Channel 8 News about recent Gold Demand

  • Date 13 Jul 2017
Channel 8 News, the main Chinese News Station in Singapore interviewed BullionStar's COO, Mr. Luke Chua, on the recent demand on Gold and Silver.

Following price dips in both Gold and Silver, did buying pick up? Find out more in the video interview - Starting from 13:13.

BullionStar's Precious Metals Analyst, Ronan Manly, quoted on the launch of gold fututures on The Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  • Date 10 Jul 2017

HKEx launches gold futures
By Citywire Asia Staff 10 Jul, 2017 at 11:06

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has launched gold futures contracts traded in yuan and US dollars, as it tries to capture demand for precious metals amongst Asian investors.

Although it sits on the edge of the world’s largest gold market, Hong Kong is light years behind London and New York as a centre for trading in the spot metal or its derivatives.

Monday’s launch is the third time that the exchange has attempted to break into gold futures. HKEx’s last product was launched into the teeth of the financial crisis in October 2008, and was withdrawn in March 2015. A contract offered in the 1980s and 90s dwindled due to lack of interest.

‘Currently the price of gold is set through the OTC market in London and futures trading in New York, both of which are many time zones away from the largest consumer of gold in the world: China. Asia is severely under-represented when it comes to influencing gold pricing,’ HKEx CEO Charles Li wrote in a blog on the exchange’s website.

Hong Kong’s physical gold trading market, time zone and proximity to Mainland China mean that the city is well-placed to become a gold trading hub, Li wrote.

The London Metal Exchange, which HKEx bought in 2012, also launched a new gold contract on Monday, its first in more than 30 years.

HKEx’s new contract differs from its previous attempts, in that it now offers yuan settlement and is physically-backed.

Although there is some logic to the idea that the gold market needs local pricing benchmarks that are more reflective of regional market dynamics. Demand for gold has shifted eastwards in line with growing wealth in India and China.

The CME launched gold futures in Hong Kong in January 2015, but volume has been uninspiring, while contracts in Singapore and Shanghai have also struggled.

With that experience in mind, Hong Kong faces an uphill struggle, according to Ronan Manly, precious metals analyst at Singapore-based bullion dealer BullionStar.

‘I do think it will have a hard time succeeding,’ Manly said. Gold contracts in the region typically follow a familiar path: ‘They have a lot of marketing, a big launch, and then nobody ends up using them,’ he said.


CodeTract partners with BullionStar for their Gold Smart Contract

  • Date 07 Feb 2017

SINGAPORE: CodeTract (https://codetract.io), a startup that develops smart contracts on Ethereum has partnered with BullionStar, Singapore’s premier bullion dealer to issue gold tokens on Ethereum that are fully backed by gold stored in BullionStar’s vault.

The gold tokens will adhere to token standards and introduce an asset - Gold - that is stable in value for Ethereum, the smart contract blockchain. This serves as a safe-haven amidst other more volatile crypto assets. The operation of the gold token will be governed by a smart contract, which are contracts written in code instead of English, and the Ethereum virtual machine will enforce the smart contract’s code. This ensures that all transfers are authenticated by the owners, all received tokens are valid and all tokens are issued with gold backing. Gold tokens will be initially issued to represent 1 gram of physical gold each, fully backed by BullionStar’s Bullion Savings Program, in BullionStar's vault. 

BullionStar's vaulting solution offers both security and transparency. Gold stored in BullionStar's vault is protected by seven different types of surveillance and is completely insured by XL Insurance Group, the world's largest specie underwriter. For transparency, BullionStar employs 5 different audit schemes, including an bi-annual audit by an independent third party LBMA-approved auditor, to verify the existence, accountability and accuracy of gold stored. Clients are easily able to view these audit reports online.

To enable users to obtain the tokens easily and at a fair price, CodeTract will set up a daily settled auction smart contract. These stable value tokens can in turn be used to transact and interact with other upcoming apps in Ethereum. Fees will be kept to a minimum to encourage permissionless innovation on this fast growing platform with the hope that more mainstream and killer apps can emerge.

On the partnership, CodeTract's cofounder, Mr. Lee Qing Xian, highlighted, "BullionStar’s vault storage solution is exemplary. They have an impeccable focus on transparency with their live audit report, third party audit report, daily physical stock report all easily available online on top of other checks in place. This makes us natural partners as one major foundation of smart contracts and blockchains is transparency. Through that, we can be sure our ownership of things is secured."

"Partnering with CodeTract was a logical step for BullionStar as the leading bullion dealer in Southeast Asia," said Mr. Torgny Persson, CEO of BullionStar. "In recent years, Singapore has been transitioning into a global hub both for the storage and trading of precious metals as well as into a thriving hub for Fintech companies.  The partnership fits well into BullionStar's strategy of introducing modern technology into the age-old precious metals industry."

The beta release of the gold tokens and auction will be in Feb 2017 and Ethereum users will be able to participate.

Additional Gold & Silver & Platinum Coins exempted from GST in Singapore

  • Date 13 Sep 2016

Starting 1 September 2016, the exemption of gold, silver and platinum coins from Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Singapore has been extended. Click on this link for a list of additional coins now available for purchase at BullionStar.com without GST. 

BullionStar featured and interviewed on Channel News Asia about gold trends

  • Date 22 Jan 2016
Channel News Asia interview with BullionStar's COO, Mr. Luke Chua, as well as customers from BullionStar about their views of the gold market generally and price development specifically. 

BullionStar's COO, Mr. Luke Chua, quoted on seasonal gold demand in Straits Times

  • Date 06 Dec 2015
Mr. Chua commented on the seasonal demand for gold and the shortage of 100g Gold Bars from popular refineries in light of the gold price falling to six year lows.

BullionStar Sales Manager, Mr. Luke Chua, quoted on high physical gold demand in Straits Times

  • Date 05 Aug 2015
Mr. Chua commented on the high physical demand for gold in light of the gold price falling to a five year lows.

BullionStar Sales Manager, Mr. Luke Chua, quoted on the price development of gold in Voice of America

  • Date 20 Jul 2015
Mr. Chua commented on the development of the gold price falling to a five year low pointing out how disconnected the paper gold market is from the physical gold market.

BullionStar CEO, Mr. Torgny Persson, quoted in Strait Times

  • Date 20 May 2015
Although we certainly don't agree with the Strait Times headline that Gold is losing lustre, it's correct, as referenced in the article, that the demand for gold is usually higher than there's a lot of volatility in the gold price.

Mr. Torgny Persson, CEO of BullionStar, interviewed by SG Wealth Builder

  • Date 19 Apr 2015
Mr. Persson was interviewed by the Singaporean blog SG Wealth Builder on his predictions for the gold price, competitiveness of Singapore for bullion and development of BullionStar. 

BullionStar Financials 2014

  • Date 13 Mar 2015
In a step to further increase customer transparency, BullionStar will publish financial information such as sales revenue, number of orders, average order, medium order, website visits and more bi-annually in infographic style. The sales revenue for 2014 was SGD 53 M with the average order being SGD 6,475. Go to BullionStar Financials 2014 - Year in Review for more data and information.  

Gold Bars Without Spread - A world's first!

  • Date 02 Feb 2015
BullionStar has released a 100 gram gold bar which at any given time can be bought for the same price it can be sold. The gold bar has an inscription stating "Money since 4000 B.C." on the reverse matching BullionStar's ideological belief that gold is money.

Mr Torgny Persson, CEO of Bullionstar Pte Ltd interviewed by Channel NewsAsia on 28 August 2014!

  • Date 28 Aug 2014

Mr Torgny Persson, CEO of BullionStar Pte Ltd gave his views on Channel News Asia 28 August on the reason why gold and silver is valuable and why it is better to own gold than diamonds as the pricing of gold and silver is more transparent.

Buying gold using Bitcoin at BullionStar!

  • Date 12 Aug 2014

Watch this video to see when David from CoinRepublic visited BullionStar's bullion retail shop at 45 New Bridge Road in Singapore to buy gold using Bitcoins.

Interview with BullionStar's CEO on the development of the Asian gold market

  • Date 29 Jul 2014

BullionStar's CEO, Mr. Torgny Persson, was recently interviewed by Mr. Sunny Pannu of Minaurum.com on his views of the Asian gold market. The interview can be found here

Is BullionStar's Bitcoin idea as good as gold?

  • Date 16 Jul 2014

Bullionstar's forray in allowing investors to trade Bitcoin for precious metals was featured in E27 - Asia's leading resource platform for innovation-led businesses.

Enlightening presentation by CEO Torgny Persson at Passport to Freedom conference in Las Vegas 2014!

  • Date 01 Jul 2014

"Passport to Freedom" Conference 2014 concluded with a blast in Las Vegas on the 25th Jan 2014!

The much sought-after three days' conference from the 23rd to 25th January 2014 was well-attended by participants from all over the world!

Invited as a speaker, CEO Torgny Persson delivered an awesome, informative session on : "How to store Gold offshore in Singapore?"

A high score of 8/10 at Bullion Reviews Singapore!

  • Date 17 Jun 2014
A big thanks to our customers on their great reviews of BullionStar on Bullion Reviews Singapore!  Find out how we managed to score a high score of 8 upon 10.

Bullionstar featured on Channel News Asia on the 9th June 2014!

  • Date 09 Jun 2014

BullionStar was featured on Channel News Asia on the demand of precious metals - Silver and Gold!

Bitcoin Bullion Dealers Seek Asian Market Entrance in Singapore

  • Date 05 Jun 2014

BullionStar's CEO was intereviewed by leading alternative currency news portal, Coindesk, for being the first bullion dealer in Asia to offer Bitcoin payment for purchasing physical precious metals.

BullionStar is interviewed by Reuters

  • Date 28 May 2013

With the recent dip in precious metals spot prices since April, we were asked by Reuters on our outlook in the bullion market.

Buy the Golden Ticket to Stand Chances of Winning Gold Bars from BullionStar!

  • Date 09 May 2013

To support Singapore Press Holding's campaign to boost its readership and reward their readers, BullionStar is proud to be participating in the campaign by sponsoring Gold Bars and Silver Coins as part of the prizes! Get your Golden Ticket now and stand a chance to win over SGD$60,000 worth of gold from BullionStar!

Get yours by Monday to redeem 7 issues of The New Paper and an instant scratch-and-win treat by Swensen's! You also get three chances to play the Lucky Boxy game here: http://tnp.goldenticket.sg/.

If you haven’t, head down to any 7-Eleven store island wide or get it online here: http://buyonline.goldenticket.sg/.

Business Times Interview with BullionStar on Silver

  • Date 03 Feb 2013

BullionStar was approached by journalists from the Business Times to give our thoughts on the silver market and the article was published on the front page of the newspaper.

We intend to work closely with reporters and journalists who are interested in the precious metals industry and will be updating the articles and publications that BullionStar is featured in from time to time.

BullionStar Goes Live!

  • Date 16 Jan 2013
After months of hardwork and dedication, the BullionStar team is proud to announce the launch of its online trading platform. Customer can now buy physical precious metals from renowned refineries around the world with a click of the mouse. BullionStar aims to build on the launch of the website and become the premier bullion dealer in Singapore.

Launch date for www.bullionstar.com online trading to be set shortly

  • Date 02 Dec 2012

BullionStar's website www.bullionstar.com is accessible for users to view information, read articles and browse around. The website is however not fully functional and is only in its testing phase. BullionStar is therefore currently not taking any orders but will commence trading shortly. A new announcement will be made at this page when a launch date is set and when the site is operational.

Overview GST-exemption for Investment Precious Metals (IPM) in Singapore

  • Date 09 Oct 2012

Since 1 October 2012, Investment Precious Metals (IPM) are exempted from GST in Singapore. Since there's no capital gains tax in Singapore, this step means that Investment Precious Metals in Singapore are now completely tax-free. The Singaporean government is keen on creating a precious metals hub in Singapore with the aim of increasing Singapore's share of worldwide trade in gold from the current 2% to 10% within 5-10 years. With the objective of creating an Asia-Pacific industry hub for precious metals, the following items will be exempted from GST (Revised 1 September 2016) :

Bullion bars, ingots and wafers must meet the following criteria to be exempted:

a) Minimum purity of 99.5% for gold, 99.9% for silver, 99% for platinum

b) Capable of being traded on the international bullion market meaning that the refiner/manufacturer must be or have been listed on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) 'Good Delivery' list of 

c) Have a mark or characteristic that is internationally accepted as guaranteeing its quality

d) It is not a decorative bar, ingot or wafer or a collector's bar, ingot or wafer.

In addition the following bullion coins are exempted:

(a) List of Qualifying Gold Coins

(i) America Buffalo
(ii) Australia Kangaroo Nugget
(iii) Australia Lunar
(iv) Austria Philharmonic
(v) Canada Maple Leaf
(vi) China Panda
(vii) Malaysia Kijang Emas
(viii) Mexico Libertad
(ix) Singapore Lion
(x) United Kingdom Britannia
(xi) Canada Call of the Wild 3-coin series
(xii) United Kingdom Lunar
(xiii) United Kingdom The Queen's Beasts 10-coin series

(b) List of Qualifying Silver Coins

(i) America Eagle
(ii) Australia Kookaburra
(iii) Australia Koala
(iv) Australia Lunar
(v) Austria Philharmonic
(vi) Canada Maple Leaf
(vii) China Panda
(viii) Mexico Libertad
(ix) United Kingdom Britannia
(x) Australia Saltwater Crocodile
(xi) Canada Wildlife 6-coin series
(xii) Canada Birds of Prey 4-coin series
(xiv) Armenia Noah's Ark
(xv) Australia Kangaroo
(xvi) United Kingdom The Queen's Beasts 10-coin series

(c) List of Qualifying Platinum Coins

(i) America Eagle
(ii) Australia Koala
(iii) Australia Platypus
(iv) Canada Maple Leaf
(v) Austria Philharmonic

Coins that are not on the prescribed list cannot qualify as IPM and will continue to be taxable.

BullionStar agrees to MoU for obtaining direct deliveries of newly minted Heraeus Gold and Silver bars

  • Date 09 Jul 2012

A new memorandum of understanding gives BullionStar Pte Ltd the opportunity of sourcing gold and silver bars from the renowned German mint Heraeus at a very advantageous rate. Some logistical challenges remain to be solved but we are convinced that we will be able to offer our customers a full range of Heraeus products. 

BullionStar to release new website

  • Date 20 Jun 2012

With the news that Investment Precious Metals will be exempted from GST starting October 1, BullionStar is launching a full service webpage where orders can be placed in real time 24/7. This is only the first release out of many to ensure that BullionStar will take a leading position as the premier bullion dealer in Singapore. 

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