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Buy & Store Bullion in The United States

Storing precious metals is challenging. Homeowners' insurance seldom covers precious metals, and safe deposit boxes offered by banks are neither insured nor covered by the FDIC deposit insurance.

BullionStar's vault is located in Dallas, Texas and is independently run. The vault is a Class III UL-rated vault with uncompromising surveillance and round-the-clock security.

With BullionStar, you can transact and store your metals securely and confidentially. Your bullion is fully insured against all risks at full replacement value. BullionStar employs 5 different audit methods to verify the existence and correctness of your stored bullion.

Full Online Control of Your Vaulted Bullion 24/7 - Buy, Sell or Withdraw at Any Time

BullionStar's vault storage service is an end-to-end solution for buying, selling and storing bullion. You have full online control of your vaulted bullion 24/7.

With your BullionStar account, you can manage your bullion online, view photos of your stored bullion, audit your bullion and much more.

Use one and the same BullionStar account for all products and services, including vault storage. Your BullionStar account can be used for transactions across all stock and vault locations worldwide.

FAQ - Bullionstar Vault Storage United States

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